Cicero’s Academy™ supports parents and their children. We teach writing and critical thinking as life skills. We also laugh, play games and have fun with ideas. In this video, Dr. T explains our approach and answers that question on your mind: Who was Cicero?

How do we do it?

Make it fun. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax are all about rules. While learning rules may sound tedious, we make it fun by playing word games and focusing on actually doing something with our writing.

Use building blocks. Words lead to sentences. Sentences lead to paragraphs. Paragraphs lead to essays. A string of small essays leads to a research paper. We break things down and build them up…often literally using blocks with words on them or shredded paragraphs that need reassembling.

Write, write, write. You learn to write by writing. You take what you learn from any individual writing activity and you add that knowledge to the start of your next assignment. Writing is not like math where there might be only one way of doing things correctly. Writing involves judgment because there are many ways to write something well. Writing is a skill that you learn from experience.

Cicero’s Academy™. You’ll write. You’ll have fun. If you’re not careful, you might learn something before it’s done.

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